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CONCACAF Professional Referee Flag Set
Bernardino N. (California, United States)
Review for the CONCACAF Flags

Really good flags. Makes me feel like a professional linesman out there on the field. They swivel nicely and do not get tangled up.

Spintso Referee Watch Pro
P.A. (Massachusetts, United States)
Spintso Pro

Third team was excellent with their communication even when short staffed. They were up and ready for the task of getting me back my most favorite watch. Jessica was very professional and even provided extra batteries at no cost. Highly recommended this company for any of your reffing needs!

b+d Referee Compact Wallet Set
Curtis K. (Pennsylvania, United States)
good company but this time around no so much

never received product

b+d Referee Wallet Set
Razvan G. (Washington, United States)
Great ref Wallet

Great Value. Wallet & Card are good quality. Comes with a pencil and match record cards. My go to for matches.

Savi Clipboard
Razvan G. (Washington, United States)
Great Clipbooard

Great quality. Just as described. Love it

Bought to give as a present for my son to replace earlier model with cracked face

CONCACAF Referee Coin
Christopher L.
Pictures don't do it justice

Title says it's all, it's looks bland in the pictures, the gold side SHINES and reflects the light amazingly.

CONCACAF Professional Referee Flag Set
Jason A. (North Carolina, United States)

Great set of flags. I was debating on these vs b+d. The flags are wonderfully bright and easy to see from anywhere on or around the field. Also the weight is comfortable

Great price

Great flags! Definitely a significant upgrade from the OSI flags, which are still great flags, just not the up to the quality of the b&d flags.

b+d World Line I Referee Flag Set
Paul B. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Fantastic flags

Great flags, just right weight for me. At 5’6” the shaft length is perfect

Spintso Referee Watch Pro
MANUEL S. (Virginia, United States)
Happy With My Purchase - Referee Pro Watch

The watch is exactly what I was looking for. It fits perfect on my wrist. My order arrived within a week in excellent condition. The package included a spare set of batteries, tool to reset the watch internally and instructions on how to operate the 3 modes: Normal, Stop Watch & Referee mode. You need to read the manual and practice using the watch before using it in a real match. Overall it was worth the purchase. I prefer this watch over my Apple Watch.

CONCACAF Professional Referee Flag Set
Courtney P. (Maryland, United States)
Great flags!

Right weight. Cool design. Used on MLS Next game this weekend and got many compliments.

CONCACAF Professional Referee Flag Set
Nick C. (Florida, United States)
Great Flags

Absolutely my new favorite set of flags! I love the design and the way these flags swivel. Definitely attention getters.

Great Flags!

There's a reason they are out of stock so much! great flags! Everyone who's serious about Reffing should have a set!

Good quality

b+d Referee Bag
Jonathan H. (Virginia, United States)
Excellent bag

I got this bag recently and I have been impressed by the bag. I like the size and the utility of the bag.

I like the watch. Just have one issue. the backlight does not work as far as i can tell. Doesn't come with a manual but the instructional videos on the Spintso website are pretty good. After watching the video several times when the guy pushes the backlight button it lights up. When i press mine it goes completely blank everything disappears. I actually dont think this is going to be an issue but ill find out this Saturday at the regional tournament im officiating. Honestly just dont have time to send it back so it is what it is. Otherwise great purchase.

Spintso Referee Watch Pro
JERRY G. (California, United States)
Spintso Referee Watch Pro Model

I was very satisfied with this watch, the price, timely delivery (1 week), and its ease of setup and operation.

CONCACAF Referee Shorts - Men
C. (Georgia, United States)
Great purchase

A great way to upgrade your officiating wardrobe if your association allows the color. Much more comfortable than the USSF ones.

b+d Referee Compact Wallet Set
C.S. (California, United States)
Compact. Easy to use. I like.

I started off with the wallet, but that required both hands when opening and closing. With this, I take it out from my chest pocket with my left hand while my right hand goes for my pen. Makes life a little easier. I have the note card facing out when placing back in my chest pocket, so my sweat doesn't smudge my notes.

Spintso Referee Smartwatch S1 Pro with GPS
Francisco A.A. (California, United States)

Works great , but the only con I don’t like too much, the battery life , you need to charge daily …. Using the GPS drain the battery faster ….

b+d Quadro I Referee Flag Set
Christian G. (Texas, United States)
B+D Flags

Perfect condition joins arrival and great deliver service. The flags are just as good as I anticipated them to be. I would order something from Third Team again.

Cushion Mouth Grip (CMG)
Dee (New Jersey, United States)
Great product

These fit perfectly on my whistles and are comfortable.

CONCACAF Professional Referee Flag Set
Matt G. (New Jersey, United States)
Excellent flags

These are very enjoyable to use. They are solid and feel like they will last for a long time. Well worth the price in my humble opinion