4 Reasons To Shop Third Team For Soccer Referee Gear

Referees are the position of authority on the soccer field, but are oftentimes overlooked when it comes to gear companies. At Third Team, we recognize the importance of soccer referees and believe they deserve access to the best referee gear and apparel at an affordable price. We are your go-to shop for official CONCACAF gear and the necessary equipment to perform your function at the highest level possible. Keep reading to learn more about Third Team’s mission to bring you affordable gear at great prices.

Free Shipping On Orders $75+

At Third Team we have it all from shorts to jerseys, and even whistles, coins, gauges, flags, and everything else you need to be a great soccer referee. It’s no easy job and requires a lot of skill as well as gear. We understand the importance of having the right gear so we offer free shipping on all orders of soccer referee gear over $75, making it easier for you to be prepared. 

$5 Flat Rate Less Than $75

If you are only missing a couple of necessities or just needing a new jersey, don’t worry about astronomical shipping costs. At Third Team, we have your back with a $5 flat rate shipping fee for orders less than $75. 

Interest-Free Installments

For those looking for complete soccer referee gear to pursue their passion on the field, we offer interest-free payment plans. Contact us today to learn more about this special financing option! 

Top-of-the-line Soccer Referee Equipment

At Third Team we only carry the best soccer referee equipment from official CONCACAF gear to high-quality jerseys, shorts, watches, communication systems, and more! You don’t have to sacrifice a limb to have top-of-the-line equipment from Third Team.

Whether you are just starting out your soccer referee career or you are looking to upgrade your current gear, Third Team is the place for you! We have the best quality equipment and highest quality jersey apparel sourced from all over the world and delivered to you for an affordable price. Shop our premium gear today!